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hey look! im still around. actually, ive been keeping up with everyone's posts. I am going to start commenting and updating again. but right now, i just wanna say, if you are not watching the "game of the century" number 1 LSU at number 2 Alabama, then tune in and watch the good guys in crimson kick some ass on their way to their next BCS championship.
OMG half an hour till the game. RMFT!!!! ready to watch us roll over the longhorns. so excited/nervous!

adventures at the dr

i had a nerve block yesterday. may update more about it when im feeling better, but for now ill just share this little snippet as an example of what not to say to the doctor.

Doctor: Just let me know if the pain gets unbearable and ill stop and do a local.
Me: You're in arms length, you'll know...

in other news, very bad/frustrating and very good/wonderful things happening.
just got back from barnes and noble, as well as the tanning bed, but whatever.

picked up the watchmen. ive been meaning to pick it up for ages and i have read most of it before, but not all of it. and i wanted to read/reread all of it before the movie comes out.

also, on a recommendation, i picked up the first book in the Mitch Rapp series. its called Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. I hope it's good. although, the cover, and i didnt notice this till i got home, has a endorsement by Dan Brown. this worries me. a lot. i think stephen fry explains mr browns books the best; "Complete loose-stool-water. Arse-gravy of the very worst kind." (which fry said about the da vinci code)

oh well, imma start it tonight and see how i like it. sounds like a better plan than cleaning the house.

Feb. 4th, 2009

So signing day isnt going well so far. No work at the office, from anyone here, is getting done. Ive had about a pot of coffee and Trent Richardson doesnt announce till 4. godsdamnit. we need him. Sam Montgomery signing with LSU may have frakked our deal with Richardson though.

the memes are abound lately.

So... the idea is that you comment on this entry, and I get to ask you five questions, which you answer in your journal. And then I can comment on your entry, and you can ask me five questions. So, do it!

I got this, as well as the questions, from torrileah67

Which of your relatives do you think you are most like?
Hmm, on the surface, I am a lot like my mom, but at my core I am most like my dad I think.

What type of shoe do you wear most often? i.e. Cons, heels, sandals etc.
Im pretty notorious for wearing flip flops all the time. Now since im working in an office though, ive been wearing other, more work acceptable footwear. But I like to stay with as little footwear as possible.

One month anywhere in the world. Where are you going?
Backpacking through southeast asia.

You could live one day as a Naruto character. Who?
Ugh, im torn between Kakashi, Tsunade, and Anko. but i think if i picked kakashi, i would spend the entire day staring in the mirror at how pretty i was.

Why did you pick the above character?
Tsunade and Anko are just such strong, amazing female characters. I really admire both of them for the things they went through and the fun and hopeful outlook they retain. Plus it would be so much fun to smash mountains to bits as Tsunade (and drive Jiraiya insane)


I ran across This today. Its a scene from this past fridays battlestar galactica, so if you havent seen it yet, dont click because there is a HUGE spoiler. but if you have already seen it, or dont care what gets spoiled, then click away. after the scene it shows a commercial, the most hilariously inappropriately placed commercials of all time. im pretty sure that it didnt air here because im fairly sure i would have remembered it.

i had to work today, actually got a lot done though. When i wasnt working, i was thinking about an army of grizzly bears all fucked up on meth and PCP. (they are wearing wife beaters in my fantasy too) but if one could harness that power, then i think they could pretty much take over the world. it would eliminate the need for them to hibernate, but the turnover rate would be high as im sure they would have drastically reduced lifespans. but meth is pretty addictive, so it wouldnt be hard to make more.


Poll #1334163 who would win

would would win; an army of meth bears or an army of raptors?

meth bear army
they would destroy each other
is this seriously what you think about all day?
t minus three hours till new BSG! and a new user icon too!





Akatsuki Christmas by ~TigRani on deviantART

btw, that will make no sense to you if you havent seen naruto.

merry crimmus everyone!